Shirke Construction Pvt. Ltd. has been serving its clients since 1994. It was previously known as R. K. Shirke Construction as it was in partnership with the project Sai Dhara.

Here’s our timeline

1994: The company was listed as R. K. Shirke Constructions as a partnership firm started with the project as Sai Dhara Towers (Dombivli), and also we invested on couple of projects at Thane, Panchpakadhi, Khopat, Vartak Nagar.
2003: The company was formed as Shirke Associates and it focused on interior designing.
2014: After immense hard work with great manpower we dissolved the partnership firm of R. K. Shirke Constructions and Shirke Associates and formed a new company with the name of Shirke Constructions Pvt. Ltd.

Our Director

Our director
Rajendra Krishna Shirke

Our philosophy

We believe real estate is more than just 4 walls. It is all about building a better infrastructure and standard of living. Our vision extends across geographies, markets, price points and consumer segments. We have been consistent in delivering uncompromised quality and world-class designs.